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It’s no longer news that Valentine’s day is around the corner. Many preparations are being made in the spirit of the celebration of love. Couples and families are planning exchange of gifts, hangouts and dates.

Are you going on a date and you don’t know what to wear? I got you covered on this. Almost every persons go through the confusing state of what to wear on a date. Choosing what to wear on a date mainly depends on the venue and confidence of the person.

Before choosing an outfit, these things should be considered:

Venue: Always check the venue online to see the setting. Wearing a casual wear to a formal setting wouldn’t blend in so well.

Color: Choose a color of type of outfit you’re more complimented in. When more people say a particular color suits you, you should try out an outfit of this color on your date.

Comfort ability: Choose a comfortable outfit. Always wear something you can walk comfortably in or a shirt that wouldn’t show so much of your belly after eating. Wear fitted clothes not tight clothes.

Time: Give yourself plenty of time to decide what to wear. You might need to buy some new clothes or make do with what you have in your closet. Never make a hurried decision on what to wear.

LUNCH DATES are always in a formal setting. Hence the need for a formal or almost formal outfit.

For women

• A dress and matching color heels.

• Skirt, a cute top and sneakers.

For men

• Straight-leg jeans or a dark denim jeans and a button down shirt.

• These goes along with stylish sneakers or boots.

• You can add a blazer to your outfit if the date spot is upscale.

DINNER DATES: Create a great night time impression by wearing these outfits.

For women

• Skinny jeans + Camisole + Blazer + Heels

For men

• Chinos + Button down shirt + Jacket + Boots.

• Dress pants + Button down shirt + Blazer + Dress shoes.

MOVIE DATES: This setting requires a cool and casual outfit.

For women

• Jeans + A cute top + Boots

• Jumpsuit + Sandals

• Romper + Sandals

• Skater dress + Jean jacket + Sneakers.

For men

• Loose fitting jeans or chinos + a button down shirt.


For women

• Shorts + Blouse + trainers

• Stylish dress with picnic inspired accessories.

For men

• Shorts + polo shirt or tee shirt.

• Chinos + Stripped t-shirt + Cardigan.


For women

• One-piece swimsuit + denim shorts.

• High waist shorts + Bikini top.

• Crop top + Sarong.

For men

• Denim shorts + t-shirt

• Chinos + shirt + flip flops

• Half sleeved flower printed shirts + shorts.


For women

• Sweatpants

• Boyfriend jeans + crop top.

For men

• Denim jeans or chinos + casual t-shirt

For ladies, after making a choice outfit, complement it with a classy handbag or purse and simple accessories. Create a beautiful impression as you enjoy your date.