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The little things matter they say. In fashion, every detail of an outfit has to look good to make a great fashion style.

Here’s a list of simple fashion don’ts to avoid, so as to look casual or trendy and attractive. Your confidence is what matters.

1. Don’t over accessorize. No matter how much of a jewelry lover you are, never use so many accessories on an outfit.

2. Don’t wear shoes you can’t walk in. Having dressed greatly but wearing shoes that are too tight? Or heels that are too high and uncomfortable for you? Oops! Always wear shoes that are your size. Your walking style boosts your confidence also.

3. Don’t copy other’s looks. Only get inspired by people’s dressing. Your co-worker or favorite celebrity may inspire you by their clothing choices. Never imitate them. Create your own style.

4. Don’t wear too many colors at once. Learn to color block and match colors correctly. You wouldn’t want to step out looking like a rainbow.

5. Avoid long dresses if you’re petite. Short dresses are the best for a petite body size.

6. Don’t be afraid to wear color. If you’re a lover of black, sometimes, exhibit attraction and confidence. Try out colorful looks.

7. Don’t mix two seasons in one outfit. This may sound cool but definitely isn’t a great fashion idea. There are different clothes for various seasons. Strive to look stylish in every season.

8. Never wear jeans that don’t fit perfectly. There’s a jean size for every body shape. Always make sure your choice of jean clothing was made just for your size and shape.

9. Don’t wear one designer products from head to toe in one outfit.

10. Don’t wear something you aren’t comfortable in. Your confidence wholly depends on how comfortable you are in what you wear. Don’t dress to impress. Be sure your personal style agrees with your outfit.

11. Do not wear clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination.

12. Don’t Pierce your ears more than twice in each lobe.

13. Don’t wear dainty choker on a large neck.

14. Do not wear acid washed jeans.

15. Avoid wearing patterned leggings, it can make the legs look bigger.

16. Don’t dress like a teenager if you aren’t one.

17. Never overstuff your bag. And do not carry more than two at once.

18. Do not wear skirts so narrow you can’t walk.

19. Don’t wear skimpy dresses unless you have really nice legs.

20. Don’t wear tucked-in blouses, cropped tops and belted jackets if you have a tummy that isn’t flat as much.

21. Do not wear underwear with colors that can be seen through your clothes.