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How to save money when shopping clothes.

Basically, you get into a clothing store and many times you end up spending beyond your budget or a part of your savings. You probably saw that nice jacket that would look good on you. Not a bad idea, but financial discipline is as important as the freedom. No one likes spending beyond budget, that is why I’m serving you 5 tips to saving money while shopping for clothes.

1. COUPONS: Always check out the sales/deals section of a clothing store or sales page of an online store. This can be done online by making use of coupon apps. My suggestions:

2. MAKE A LIST: Clothes shopping should be treated like grocery shopping. If you can’t go to a grocery store without making a list of your needs, why would you to a clothing store. Make a list of clothing you need and always stick to it.

3. SHOP THRIFT STORES: Thrift stores are known for selling gently used clothing at a very low discount. Be sure to shop at a true thrift store and not a vintage clothing store. Vintage clothing stores sell at a slightly higher price than thrift stores.

4. SHOP BASICS FROM GENERIC BRANDS: Not all of your clothing needs a designer label. Basic clothing like t-shirts, tank tops, tracksuits and lounge wears can be bought from cheaper stores.

5. CHECK THE TAGS: Before you pick up a clothing at the store, be sure to check the tag to make sure it’s machine-washable. You do not want to have yourself buying new clothing after every laundry day.