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Beauty comes naturally, but looking great all the time requires little or more effort. Following all of the latest fashion trends isn’t the key to looking great. It’s finding and staying true to your personal style.

What is personal style?

In fashion, personal style refers to the way or pattern by which a person expresses themselves through aesthetic choices, such as clothing, shoes, hairstyle and accessories.

Personal style is mainly creating and developing a sense of self rather than absorbing all fashion trends. A stylish person may or may not follow trends.

Finding your personal styles involves these;

Look through your closet: Pick out your favorite clothing. Clothes that make you comfortable and happy. Figure out what these clothes have in common. Is it the color? The texture? Or the pattern? Make sure you go for clothes with similar qualities when next you go shopping.

Find your fashion inspiration: You may have family, friends or colleagues whose style you admire. Get inspired by them. Your fashion inspiration might be your favorite celebrity, spend some time on social media. Read fashion magazines and watch fashion shows. The internet has it’s way most times, search for and follow fashion bloggers that you love their contents.

Create a fashion mood board: Like a plan? Yes! Make sure you go for clothes that match your vibe and mood while dressing up. This doesn’t have to be every time as sometimes, the occasion might require a mode of dressing. Nobody goes to work in a pajamas even if their mood feels like.

Create a capsule wardrobe: Always have a collection of basic clothes that you can mix and match to create an effortless look . Sometimes casual really is the attractive look.

Experimenting new and unique clothing choices makes the experience of finding your personal style fun and creative.

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