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A lot of women out there lack the necessary confidence for their bodies. They’re either feeling too fat or too ugly or too skinny to rock certain clothing of their choice. Human bodies are unique and built differently. It’s what you feed yours it grows with.

There are several ways to fill your body with positivity and be happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Change your focus: Focus on how a certain activity makes you feel and not necessarily the desired result. A lot of people go to gym to lose weight and keep fit. But not going to the gym doesn’t make your body ugly. If you go to the gym or practice yoga, look forward to the best feeling it gives you.

Think positively: Think about the compliments you’ve received from people, at your workplace, in your church, at home, or anywhere else. Also think about the things you like about your body. Things your body size can make you do. Remind yourself of these things everyday.

Meditate: This helps you enhance your awareness of what’s going on in your body. Knowing what’s going on inside can in turn be linked to realistic external perceptions.

Show your body some gratitude: Figure out exactly what a part of your body can make you do. Instead of saying you hate how your arms look, figure out what magic those hands could do. They probably could be very good at arts and crafts.

Pamper your body: Apply quality and skin type recommended products. Exfoliate, massage, moisturize and apply perfumes and deodorants on your body routinely. A study shows that 90% of people gain more confidence when they have an attractive skin. Always practice good body postures while walking, standing and sitting.

Change your wardrobe: Your clothes many not be the right fit for your body shape. Find your personal style and clothing your body shape rocks in.

Stop self-criticism competition: Social media has its true and false aspects. Everything is not as real as it seems. Comparing yourself to other bodies is certainly not a good idea. Compliment others but love yourself even more. Shut out the voice in your head that tells you another body is better than yours.

Acceptance: Accept who you are right now. When you die, no one is going to talk about how big your thighs are, neither would your body weight be talked about. Focus on your values and achievements.

More importantly, always surround yourself with people who make you feel good in your own skin. When you start feeling uncomfortable around people because they make negative comments on your body, you should do away with them.