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Who am I?

Hello! I’m Morenike Balogun. A successful entrepreneur and CEO Morens Fashion Hub. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta. I’m a mother and lover of everything related to fashion.

Why am I into fashion?

My love for fashion has been for years. It’s a passion for me. My hope is to see an improvement in the fashion world and in the quality of people’s personal styles. Hence, the creation of my very own clothing store Morens Fashion Hub.

You must be wondering how I came about the name Morens. Every business needs a name, something people could know and get easily familiar with. I wanted a name that relates my business to me asides ownership. This reason brought about Morens from my name Morenike.

In 2008, as an international student who moved to Canada for college, I couldn’t afford the luxury of buying the big brands and I always believe one doesn’t have to break the bank to get good clothing. When I started Morens Fashion Hub, I had these sets of people in mind; the young professionals who are just starting out, the college students who don’t have a lot of money but still want to look good, the parents who work multiple jobs and pay a lot of bills, and everyone else out there who desires quality clothing at affordable prices.

My Goals?

Although, I’m new into the world of blogging and this is my first post. My goal as a fashion blogger is to share useful fashion tips, shopping hacks, life experiences, fashion reviews, television, magazine and street fashion.

Running a fashion business is something I love doing. I’m happy I’ll be impacting my knowledge and experiences through this medium. Like many people, I’m a lot busy, but nevertheless there’s a schedule for everything. New blog posts would be coming up twice weekly. Every Mondays and Thursdays. Anticipate!

How to contact us

You can contact Morens Fashion Hub via the following mediums:

Facebook @Morens Fashion Hub

Instagram @morensfashionhub

Or send an email to; morensfashionhub@gmail.com

We make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give- Winston Churchill. The best of an interesting and informative fashion blog is what I’m willing to offer.

Thanks for joining me!