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Author: Theresa

5 Romper Styles You Should Own

Rompers were originally made as baby playwears, to make their movements comfortable. But in the 1950s, it evolved into a fashionable wear for women. And finally in the 1970s, men joined in this fashion, making rompers a mainstream clothing wear. There are several types of rompers based on style, size, buttons, straps and material. Here …

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Spring Fashion Bucket List

On my to-do list is finding out the latest fashion trends, news and styles. Number 2 on this list is creating a fashion bucket list for each season. Fashion never gets boring, it evolves with time around the world and in every season. As a lover of fashion, I create a fashion bucket list as …

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Plus Size Fashion Essentials

Different strokes for different folks, that’s how the saying goes. In fashion, this simply means every body size and shape has the fashion items or clothing that best suits them. For a plus sized person, what you wear and how you carry your body matters alot. Fashion that brings out the beauty in your body …

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