We are committed to offering our customers High quality clothing at affordable prices

Our Story

Hello!  My name is Morenike Mercy Balogun, a Succesful Enterpreneur and the CEO of MorensFashionHub. I  am very happy to be your go to person when it comes to your fashion needs.

I started this website because i have a passion for people who desire quality clothing but dont have the money to get it. 

As an international student who moved to Canada in 2008 for college, I didn’t have the luxury of cash to buy the big brands and I always believe that one doesn’t have to break the bank to get good clothings.

When I started MorensFashionHub, i had that college student who doesn’t have alot of money but still wants to look good in mind Quality, I had that young professional who is just starting out in mind. Quality clothing can be affordable.

When you buy from us, you are supporting a mother, a student and a friend.

Welcome to MorensFashionHub where quality is our trade mark

Its our Legacy

At MorensFashionHub, we are committed to offering our customers good quality clothing at an affordable price. We want our customers to be rest assured that anytime they ship with us, they are guaranteed to get the best

Customers reviews

The sweatsuit is so comfy and cute! Fits Perfectly. Thank You
Moren was amazing to deal with! My sweatsuits are so comfy and cute i love them!!!
Cheyenne Autumn Henry

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Orders are processed between  1-2 days for shipping. We make effort to process all your orders as quickly as possible

We ship domestically for now,  we would soon commence  international destinations.

We take between 2- 14 days for domestic delivery

The item is in its original packaging and in the condition they were received , kindly note we don’t give refunds only exchanges.

Yes! If the item is discontinued or out of stock, your money will be refunded 100%


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